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Fat loss and weight loss with martial arts exercise

Fat loss and weight loss with martial arts exercise. Are you ready to enjoy a better life? Get simple tips now. 

Excess weight have a negative effect to our body. There are many bad effects of excessive weight that will affect our lives in the future. There are many diseases that will threaten our body such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and many others. That's why we need to move our bodies by exercising regularly. Our bodies will be fresher and healthier if we do certain movements, such as morning exercises.

Workout in the fitness center or workout in the park, which is closest to your home. You can lose weight and reduce fat in your body. That's why exercise is a simple solution to start a healthy life.  You also need to choose healthy foods for your daily life.
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Martial Arts exersice. Image:
Going to the gym is a fast option that can be done mainly by people in large cities. You'll get a trainer, which will give you a clue so you can practice properly. You can also choose your own personal trainer.

In addition, you can practice by yourself or with your family in a park near your home. Perhaps you will find a jogging track. You can do this in the morning, also in the afternoon. As in the fitness center, you can also get a good chance to interact with your neighbors, so you can exercise together. You can talk about anything with them, so you get a double benefit, namely a healthy body and a pleasant social life.
Kung Fu, Karate, Capoeira, Pencak Silat or Body Combat, lose weight, fat loss, fat loss program, martial arts, slim and healthy,
Weight loss exercise. Image:
In addition to conventional exercise, you also get to try martial arts. As it turned out, martial arts is very good for weight loss program. There are many variations of movements of martial arts, so that you do not easily get bored. You can choose Kung Fu, Karate, Capoeira, Pencak Silat or Body Combat, and other modern martial arts.

Police and the military chose martial arts to maintain their fitness. By practicing martial arts, police and military will be free of members who are overweight. You certainly do not want to be overweight. Whatever your choice, important that you should start to exercise. To make you excited, let's watch this video, so you always healthy and happy.

Are you ready? Let's do it now. Please share this article for your family and friends. Sharing is beautiful and healthy. 

Unique blend of beauty, health products and technologies to earn passive income

Are you ready to earn passive income by joining Jeunesse Global? This business is a real fusion between health products, beauty and advanced technology, which can be run by everyone, both men and women worldwide. The sky is the limit.

Since 2009 has operated a global company that combines beauty, health and advanced technology, so that everyone can live a healthier, look younger, beautiful and wealthy, even you can earn passive income or residual income. The company is based in Florida and was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Both founders have had several years of experience in the network marketing industry before they decided to build their own.
passive income, residual income, beauty products, health products, anti aging, make money, Jeunesse Global
The founders. 
Passive income is generated when science and beauty meet. Discover the secret of the Jeunesse business opportunity and our innovative products. 

Jeunesse Global is a promising company with great products that a lot of people will definitely love to have. Most of the products from Jeunesse Global are aimed at providing skin care, nutrition, and overall health care. If you are planning on promoting them to other people as a means to make money, you can definitely succeed.
passive income, residual income, beauty products, health products, anti aging, make money, Jeunesse Global
Jeunesse products. 

Jeunesse Global focus on creating a career replacement income. This 18 year infrastracture promotes products to capture a mass-market appeal. The company stands behind, health, wealth, and wise. First take their product called Luminesce. The luminese daily moisturizing complex with 30 SPF. The ingredients are highly effective that is for all skin types.

Luminesce is the flagship product and is formulated to restore the skin's firmness, luminosity and smoothness. Since most people today have a genuine interest in things that make them look younger, many of the products in the catalog are definitely easy to sell. The technology behind the products is Dr. Nathan Newman, who is an expert in the cosmetic surgery industry.

Their product Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum was formulated Patent Pending technology to restore luminosity, firmness and smoother skin. Other products such as Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex and Advanced Night Repair Cream complements the range of anti aging skin care range.

passive income, residual income, beauty products, health products, anti aging, make money, Jeunesse Global
Jeunessse Global. Image:
The Reserve and NutriGen Am&Pm Essentials provide the nutritional supplements range to Jeunesse. Reserve consist of botanical blend of essential antioxidants with restorative powers that will help you fight the anti aging process. NutriGen AM&PM Essentials are dietary supplements to help you achieve optimal health and slow the symptoms of premature aging.

Whether you are experienced or new in the direct selling industry, anyone can become a Jeunesse distributor and get qualify to monetize on the compensation plan, called Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan. There are 2 ways of producing an income from Jeunesse Global. You can either sell the products on a retail basis or recruit other people into the company as a Jeunesse Global Distributor.

There are 6 income streams. Learn how you can profit from each:

1. Retail
2. Prefered customer bonus, discount wholesale price
3. New customer aquisition bonus
4. Team - Lucrative Binary Plan. Earn team commissions of $35 from each enroller.
5. Leadership Matching Bonuses through 7 levels.
6. Leadership Bonus Pool is 3% of the CV

What it takes to be a Jeunesse Global Distributor?

Learn and know all those the facts before you get involved in purchasing the products as well as distributorship. Visit the company site and personally talk to distributors that have had success. You have to learn what it takes and have the drive to believe you can do what you want to accomplish.

The whole goal is to recruit more people and bring more people into your business for residual income. In order to do that you need to understand a marketing business funnel that will enable you to do that automatically. Automatically set up where people can learn everything without even picking up the phone. 
passive income, residual income, beauty products, health products, anti aging, make money, Jeunesse Global
Jeunessse Global Life Style Rewards. Image:
Jeunesse has provided an outstanding website for you, so that you can get customers and of course a new business partner or distributor automatically from all over the world, and you do not need to think about how the product delivery. All have been prepared by Jeunesse Global.

Now is the time for you to grab earning thousands of dollars per week, you can achieve even more than that. There are many distributors of Jeunesse Global has achieved their dream to have a passive income or residual income, even every year they can enjoy LifeStyle Rewards given by Jeunesse Global, free to enjoy a fantastic holiday to various places of interest in the paradise of the world. You can be part of this global success.

Are you ready? Please click this fantastic website now.

Health Insurance tips for a better life

Not everyone realizes the importance of having health insurance from an early age. It should since you have your own income you receive from your job or business, and then you should buy life insurance policies and health insurance.

 Some are putting the statement, that when our bodies healthy, then you must purchase a health insurance policy in addition to saving money in banks or investments in financial institutions such as insurance, securities or buy apartments and homes to increase assets or other investments.

According to Kimberly Lankford, author of The Insurance Maze: How You Can Save Money on Insurance and Still Get the Coverage, she wrote that you need health insurance because this insurance protects not only health, but also the entire financial planning we have created. Understandably, health care costs today are very expensive and can suck up all our money.
financial, health insurance, healthy tips, healthy life, healthy living tips, health insurance tips

Then, how to choose health insurance that will cover the entire cost of treatment without the burden of various preconditions. We can use the following simple tips:

1. Know the maximum security and benefits provided coverage and insurance companies. The greater the number that would have given the better. Large insurance and the coverage of course depend also on the amount of premiums you paid.
2. Save all medical bills. If something happens, you have a document for evidence.
3. Insurance company's reputation is also very important, not only because the products and the premiums are affordable.
4. You can choose an insurance agent with experience of good company and easy to claim  and have a network that spread nationally.

You need not worry too much, because there are insurance companies who have good insurance product. The company has successfully combines insurance with savings. The product is known as unit linked.  This product is very popular in Asia because it simply by purchasing one product, you get insurance coverage and the money you paid for your work as well. When there is a claim, your savings are not reduced. I suggest that you contact your insurance agent who sells insurance unit link. If you have a policy like this, then you also will get inpatient care in hospitals.

Take care of your health with exercise, enough sleep, eat that has a value of good nutrition and fiber, and remember to enjoy a holiday in my spare time. By maintaining healthy and have health insurance, then you have to protect yourself and your beloved family.

Simple and smart tips for a healthier life

Healthy living is a necessity in our lives, as well as a human dream in the digital age. It seems to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Why many people can not enjoy life more healthy, and happy at the same time? Having a lot of money and live a happy life is the dream of every person in the world. A lot of money, a beautiful house, a good job, a successful business and other dreams certainly be a normal human desire everywhere, but to achieve all the dreams, often people forget how to keep and maintain health, both mind and body. Perhaps you are one of them. You do not need to worry, you can maximize advice and tips for healthy living, as described below: 

1. Begin Avoid using any type of tobacco product. Try not to breathe second hand cigarette smoke.

 2.   Think positive and focus on gratitude: Research shows a healthy positive attitude helps build a healthier immune system and boosts overall health. Your body believes what you think, so focus on the positive.

3.    Reduce stress. Reduce your level of stress by delegating, meditating, finding your happy place, and taking time for yourself.

4.    Get regular exercise. Exercising for 150 minutes a week can be very beneficial for both your mind and body. Schedule your exercise in to your daily schedule to make sure you don't skip it.

5.    If you're stressed, yoga is a great way to relax. You'll focus on breathing and keep your emotions in check. The practice of meditation and yoga is a gentle way to make your body and soul more relaxed, open to the universe, so that you get a positive response from the universe. If necessary, you can join a yoga class in your town or Bali.
healthy tips, healthy living tips, Yoga class, healthy food, exercise, enjoy life, happy life
Healthy life. Image:

6.    Listen to good music that can make you relaxed and happy. Musical training enhances your brain's ability to remember words, according to University of Hong Kong researchers.

7.    Even if you are so busy, take the time to make your meal plan. Plan your meals every week. This helps you stay on track and avoid having to come up with quick, possibly unhealthy meal options. A diet high in vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of developing cancers of the lung, colon, breast, cervix, esophagus, stomach, bladder, pancreas and ovary. 
      And many of the most powerful phytonutrients are the ones with the boldest colors — such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, grapes and leafy greens. Studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, combat depression and improve mood and memory. Try to focus on omega-3 fats from food rather than supplements. Excellent sources include salmon, tuna, walnuts, flax seeds, leafy greens and hemp seeds.

8.    Enough sleep and deep, can make you healthy and fresh. Try sleeping with the blinds open, rather than closed. When the sun starts to rise and shine into your room, your brain will slow down its melatonin production and start producing adrenaline. Once your body starts producing adrenaline, your body will start waking up slowly, even before the alarm goes off.
healthy tips, healthy living tips, Yoga class, healthy food, exercise, enjoy life, happy life
Join yoga class in Bali. Image:
      9.    Reduce the use gadgets, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, as well as watching television. “Watching TV is to your brain what sitting on the couch is to your body: complete absence of use," says David Niven, Ph.D., author of The 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People. Instead, read or do a crossword puzzle to keep your brain active and fend off diseases such as Alzheimer's.
       10.  Quit making excuses. There are so many reasons why being healthy may not be    convenient, but start listing the reasons that you want to be healthy! No more excuses.

You also need to rest in the midst of you. If you are an employee or entrepreneur, and whatever your profession, then you need time to relax and enjoy your efforts, not only saving your money in a bank or other investment institutions. You need a vacation, a little adventure. Do a casual event weekend with friends or family, joking, and socializing with your large family or your community. You can also holiday or vacation to another country such as Bali, Europe, America or even on safari in Africa. Why not? Let's do a couple of times to break, and enjoy life. 
 The source this paper is the essence of some interesting articles about healthy living tips like,,,, and some other information. If you care about the health of your family or good friends, then you will definitely share a simple article to them. Sharing it is a beautiful thing.

Begin a Weight Loss Program

Begin a Weight Loss Program
By Tricia Goss, eHow Editor

You have made up your mind. You are ready to lose the extra weight once and for all. You have chosen a diet and exercise program and are raring to go. These steps will help you begin your new weight loss program, so that you lose the weight and keep it off.

Difficulty: Moderate

Write down your reasons for losing weight. Think of every reason you can come up with. Not only will this help motivate you to begin your weight loss program , it will help keep you going down the road.

Set a small, attainable, measurable goal. If you look only at your entire goal it might be overwhelming. Set a goal such as "one month exercising at least three times each week" or "losing 10 percent of my weight."

Think about possible obstacles you are likely to encounter. Come up with ways to overcome these. Write them down, and picture yourself acting them out. By seeing it in your mind's eye, you will have an easier time putting it to practice.

Talk to people in your life who you know will be supportive. Let them know you are starting a new weight loss program, and ask them if they will help you be accountable and come to your aid when you are struggling. 

Clean your kitchen. Get rid of any foods that you know might be too tempting, even if you feel like you can handle them today. Replace them with healthy options, and fill your fridge with fresh, cut up, easy-to-grab fruits and veggies.

Additional information:

healthy life, life style, body care, foods, fresh, fruits, healthy tips, lose weight tips, lose weight tips, slim tips, lose weight program
Healthy life style. Image:
You can enjoy a healthy life and slim, as long as you have good habits, so you are always healthy and happy.

Tips to prevent cancer

Everyone must have longed to live a healthy and happy throughout their lives, but there is a dangerous disease that can be fatal, such as cancer. How can we prevent cancer?

Cancer is a malignant disease that can cause a person or sufferer in death if not handled further. However, each person can take precautions so that you are protected from this deadly disease.

There are some simple tips that you can make reference to prevent cancer include:
a. Examine the risk for offspring
One of the causes of cancer from our heredity. If there is a parent or sibling with cancer, so cancer may also attacked other family members. To determine whether there was a family member who had cancer is very important in order to prevent cancer.

b. Avoid foods that are smoked and burned
healthy family, healthy living, prevent cancer, avoid food additives, tips to prevent cancer, solution to prevent cancer
Healthy living. Image:
Other causes of cancer are smoked foods, baked, or pickled, for Examples such as smoked fish or pickled foods. Food is likely to cause cancer. Therefore avoid or reduce the frequency of eating these foods become imperative to prevent cancer.

c. Avoiding food additives
Many foods today are mixed with dye to make it look attractive. Though the content of these dyes are very harmful to the body and can lead to cancer. To prevent cancer, you should try to avoid foods that use dyes. Using food dye can be seen from the color of the food looks much more attractive than the original color.

vitamin for healthy life, prevent cancer now, healthy children
Happy and Healthy children. Image:
d. Avoiding fatty foods
Fat causes many problems in the body. Fat is a trigger for cancer. To prevent cancer, avoid high fat foods such as red meat, cakes and so on.

e. Don’t forget to exercise
Exercising is a good way to prevent cancer. Because when you exercise, the body will burn fat and speed up metabolism. It will prevent the occurrence of cancer. You don't have to have to be strenuous exercise. Moderate exercise such as brisk walking or jogging can help to prevent cancer.

f. Consumption of vitamin A, C, and E
Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E have antioxidant properties which are very useful for preventing cancer. The vitamins can you get from fruits, vegetables and other foods. You can also take dietary supplements sold in drugstores, but remember to consult with your doctor so that you get more accurate information.

g. Healthy sexual behavior
Not have multiple partners in the sex also be a great way to prevent cancer because cancer is also possible due to unhealthy sexual behavior.

You also need to pay attention to prevention tips compiled by Women's Day, which is mentioned below:

1. Keeping a Balanced Weight Loss
Recent research shows that being overweight can increase the risk of colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer (cancer of the esophagus), endometrial cancer (cancer outside the uterus tissue), and post-menopausal breast cancer. BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation to determine your ideal weight by comparing the amount of weight and height.

vitamin for healthy life, prevent cancer now, healthy children
Healthy food plateImage:
A healthy person has a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 numbers. While the cancer risk was found in people with a BMI of 23 or more the amount. Example of BMI calculation method, weight = 55 kg and TB = 165 cm, then BMI = (55) / (1.65) * (1.65) = 20.2.

2. Walking 10 Minutes Every Day
Reports of studies at the University of California shows that walking 10 minutes a day can lower the risk of developing breast cancer. Stated in the study, women who do 45-60 minutes of exercise such as brisk walking or cycling for as long as at least five times a week can increase the body's protection against breast cancer or colon cancer.

3. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption
Consumption of fruits and vegetables not only make your weight to be ideal, but eating colorful fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber which is very beneficial for our body.

Colleen Doyle, RD, Director of Nutrition and Physical Activity for ACS reminds us that: "The habit that is often done in a healthy diet can also reduce the risk of cancer, including cancers of the lung, mouth, esophagus, stomach, and colon cancer,"

4. Avoid smoking and Smoke Inhalation
As many as 87% of deaths on lung cancer caused by smoking. About ten years after you quit smoking, the risk of lung cancer is reduced at least by half, as well as the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, bladder, and kidney cancer is greatly reduced, obviously Norman Edelman, MD, chief medical officer of the America Lung Association. If you are not a smoker, then you also have to stay away from people who frequently smoke, the smoke inhaled by the smoker the same effect.

5. Avoid Alcohol
healthy family, healthy living, prevent cancer, avoid food additives, tips to prevent cancer, solution to prevent cancer,
A happy and healthy family. Image:
Alcohol increases your risk of oral cancer, oral cavity cancer (larynx), esophagus, liver, and breast. Although only drank a little, but it can have a major impact on the health of the body. Recorded in the study, women who drank alcohol during the week associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

A short note to you:

Cancer can be suffered by adult men and women, children, teenagers from all social and economic backgrounds. Let's create healthy living so we can make healthy children and happy family. 

 If we could live  in a healthy lifestyle, then you we can prevent cancer. Health experts and doctors have long advocated for pro-active public health screening in hospitals or health centers, so we know what to do after we do the medical checkup.

Let's enjoy a beautiful life. Please share this information for your family, and friends around the world. 

How to build a good health system for societies

Jokowi, a new leader in Indonesia will introduce Kartu Indonesia Sehat or Indonesian Health Card, a health system for low-income people, so that the poor can get access to health facilities.

In addition to the education system, the state has an obligation to create a health system that can be reached by the entire community, not only for the for the high-income people. In the United States, known as the "superpower" is also a headache to set up this important system. When Barack Obama introduced legislation on health program, "Obama Care", gets a serious obstacle from the Republican.
Jokowi ready to run for a greater Indonesia. Image:

We often hear how the citizens of the USA in the category of middle to lower many are "forced" to take care of their health to Canada or Cuba. Americans who are not able to serve low-income communities. The treatment and medicines after hospitalization are also very expensive, making it difficult to recover completely. In the land of Uncle Sam's American dream turns out it was not beautiful, so do not be surprised if the patient such as diabetes mellitus must be crossed to Cuba to getting medicine that is very essential, insulin. If the pharmaceutical industrialists are not so happy with Obama Care, it makes sense because they no longer can sell medicine at a high price.

kartu Indonesia sehat, health system, health insurance, health facilities, Jokowi, Indonesia, Jokowi president, health care, medication, healthy life, Cuba, medicine,
Jokowi among supporters at the National Monument, Jakarta. Image:
In the developing countries such as Indonesia turns out there is a leader which is wants to change the paradigm of the high cost of health care, and of course about how expensive medicines, which is burden the lower middle class. Joko Widodo, the former Mayor of Solo and increased his political career as governor of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. As governor of Jakarta, the governor which is known as Jokowi, providing an alternative to facilitate the citizens, especially low-income people to gain access to health facilities.

Jokowi provide Kartu Jakarta Sehat "Healthy Jakarta Card", so that the poor can get treatment at a public hospital or community health center for free. The administration has allocated budget for the health of the population in this metropolitan city.

Meanwhile, the people which is more fortunate financially, still have to pay for the hospital, or they can buy health insurance according to their ability. Thanks to "Healthy Jakarta Card", now the poor in this great city can breathe with relief, especially those who suffer from heart disease, cancer sufferers, people with diabetes, and those with traffic accidents, and other serious disease. Armed with the card, of course with a careful selection process, they are now no longer need to hesitate to go to the clinic belongs to the government of Jakarta, or to a larger hospital, both belonging to the local government and state-owned hospitals.

Along with the health program, Jokowi also very firm to reorganize the bureaucracy to minimize corruption among the city officials. There are many programs Jokowi, joint deputy governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama or known as Ahok which is has been successfully implemented, for example, to build all-city park, relocate illegal settlers, from slum areas to flats on a lease which is very affordable. Jokowi also successfully build a village, where the government Jokowi settlers relocate the river bank to the housing is equipped with medical facilities, places of business, so that people can be free from flooding which is always haunt them every year. Now they have a better life, moreover there are also facilities Kartu Jakarta Pintar or "Jakarta Smart Card", which is a special card to facilitate the education of children which is were born in a poor family.

In July 2014, Jokowi has been nominated by his party as a candidate for president, the vice-president, Jusuf Kalla, former minister and former vice-president. Armed with the support of the people of Jakarta, and also loved by the people of Indonesia, Jokowi appear very convincing at the time of the campaign, as well as arguing against its competitors, Prabowo Subianto. Jokowi promised to provide "Healthy Indonesia Card" for the poor or low-income communities throughout Indonesia.

To support the program, Jokowi with the idea of ​​"Mental Revolution", then he will reorganize the bureaucracy in order to prevent corruption and create more government officials in the public interest. Jokowi will also build health centers such as clinics, public hospitals, and other infrastructure.

Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla. Image:
On July 22, 2014, the people of Indonesia will get a new leader. Based on the data in the Quick Count, Jokowi won more votes than its competitors, Prabowo Subianto which is have military backgrounds.

If the announcement of "the National Election Commission" or Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU), has a similar calculation results with the results of which is survey institutions generally Jokowi as a winner, then Indonesia will have a new president in October 2014.

In July 2014, after Jokowi nominated by his party as a candidate for president, the vice-president, Jusuf Kalla, former minister and former vice-president. Armed with the support of the people of Jakarta, and also loved by the people of Indonesia, Jokowi appear very convincing at the time of the campaign, as well as arguing against its competitors, Prabowo Subianto. Jokowi promised to provide Kartu Indonesia Sehat or "Healthy Indonesia Card" for the poor or low-income communities throughout Indonesia. By the way, does the card can be called as Jokowi Care as Obama Care in the United States?

To support the program, Jokowi with the idea of ​​"Mental Revolution" or Revolusi Mental, then he will reorganize the bureaucracy in order to prevent corruption and create more government officials in the public interest. Jokowi will also build health centers such as clinics, public hospitals, and other infrastructure such as roads, public transport, and so on.

Based on a variety of polling organizations, which is held a Quick Count, Jokowi has won more votes than its competitors, Prabowo Subianto which is have military backgrounds. If the announcement of "the National Election Commission", has a similar calculation results with various institutions such surveys, which are generally gives the figure a victory for Jokowi, Indonesia will have a new president in October 2014.

Jokowi is a humble leader, and often plunge into the community to listen to the aspirations of the people. Jokowi is a new hope for Indonesia, the third largest democratic country in the world, after the United States and India. The world will get a new colleague, because Jokowi also very open to cooperation with other countries based on equality.

Jokowi is a leader which is was born from modest families, and went on to become entrepreneurs furniture. From the beginning, he entered the political career with the vision and mission of which is favor of the people, and had no "political debts" to the party or large business groups. It seems Jokowi, the die-hard fans Rock Metal will be a successful leader and provide new inspiration for a Great Indonesia. Time will tell, one day he will become a world leader in his capacity as president of Indonesia.

Tips to prevent transmission of the MERS virus


Do you already know the MERS virus that has caused many deaths in Saudi Arabia?

Since the year 2012 the Middle East Corona virus Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has plagued the plains of Saudi Arabia, killing 102 people, including foreigners such as Egyptian and Indonesian, even an American citizen had been killed by the deadly MERS virus. There are a variety of ways taken to curb the spread of this virus, one of them with prevention. Although no travel warnings from your country or from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you should postpone your trip to Saudi Arabia, though you will worship in the holy land of Mecca.
healthy life style, MERS virus, corona virus,  Middle East Corona virus Respiratory Syndrome, tips to prevent MERS virus, healthy tips, camel virus
MERS virus. Image:
It has been reported that this virus was first transmitted in Arabia by camel to man, so that most casualties were in Arabia and spread to neighboring Arab countries, such as Egypt, Kuwait and even Europe. The main symptom of this virus is the flu, fever, and a cough that is almost similar to the SAR, which is also a deadly virus.

For those of you who will travel to Saudi Arabia in order to both Umrah and other purposes, it is advisable to be aware of the Corona virus transmission or MERS. Take care of your health, and wear a mask if you're in the territory of Saudi Arabia, and avoid direct contact with people with flu, fever or cough in the country.
MERS virus, corona virus,  Middle East Corona virus Respiratory Syndrome, tips to prevent MERS virus, healthy tips, camel virus
Do not hang out with a camel for a while. Image:
How MERS Corona virus spread can be explained as follows:

1. Transmission fluid through the patient sneezes or coughs.
2. Transmission through touch objects contaminated.
3. Direct contact with patients who have been exposed by the Corona virus.

And how to protect yourself from contracting the virus can also be transmitted through the air. Here are ways and tips to avoid so that you are not infected by the virus MERS, which is as mentioned below:

1. Behavior and healthy lifestyle, for example, always wash hands with antiseptic soap (anti-bacterial). Immediately contact medical personnel if you have health problems such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing (shortness of breath), because these symptoms could be MERS Corona virus.

2. Protect yourself from infection, do not touch or do a direct box with a patient, and do not meet the camels, even if you wanted to take pictures with these cute animals.
MERS virus, corona virus,  Middle East Corona virus Respiratory Syndrome, tips to prevent MERS virus, healthy tips, camel virus
MERS virus in Saudi Arabia. Image:
3. Use a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing , and close the mouth and nose when it happens , then immediately dispose of the used handkerchief into the trash , or wash the handkerchief with the laundry soap . If there is no handkerchief , then use hands to cover it , do not use the palm of the hand . Highly recommended you bring tissue paper inside a handbag or pants pocket , so you always have supplies to clean the snot out of your nose .

4. Always remember wash your hands before and after handling food , and when meeting with patients or after you hold their personal equipment.

5. Besides maintaining the cleanliness of the body or behavior of living clean and healthy, it must eat regularly, and make sure you enjoy sufficient rest, then it can keep your immune system.

MERS virus, corona virus,  Middle East Corona virus Respiratory Syndrome, tips to prevent MERS virus, healthy tips, camel virus
Healthy living to prevent the virus. Image:
6 . Please consider to prepare for a vitamin or food supplement you take regularly, so you get enough, in addition to healthy food has always been you eat every day.

7. It is important to exercise regularly, you should be able to take the time to exercise even if you are busy.

8. Sure in your diet is always a vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and contains anti -oxidants, so that you can live a healthier, not susceptible to the flu or other illnesses .

If you have a business purpose or any other purpose to Saudi Arabia and in the surrounding country, make sure you get enough information about the last state in the country, so you can take the right decision before you buy a plane ticket. Perhaps you need to turn your holiday destination to other best holiday destination such as Europe, Bali or Australia, so you can avoid viruses that originating from the Middle East.

The benefits of smiling and laughing for your health

Do you often see people frown or people who do not like to smile? There are even difficult people laugh, smile even when there your friends who are telling funny stories or jokes. Hopefully you are not among the group of people that anti smiling or laughing. There is a proverb that says "Laugh before laughing it prohibited". Is there a country that would prohibit their citizens to laugh?

Many people say that laughter and smiling are very beneficial to humans both psychologically and physically. A study which was presented at the Experimental Biology annual conference mentions that when people laugh, their brains automatically 'switched on'. It is just like when they're doing meditation.
laughing is healthy, the benefits of laughter, smiles benefits, healthy tips with laughs, healthy living tips, health tips
Smiling makes you more sexy. Image:
You would agree that laughter is positive for mental health, will be even happier life. To refresh your memory about the benefits of laughter, then you can see what the effect of laughter to our lives as mentioned below:

1. Physical benefits of laughter.
     In addition to reducing the strain on your muscles, laughing also proven to bring several other important benefits such as improving memory, helping to prevent the risk of heart disease and increase the body's immunity so as not vulnerable sick. In fact, even if you just fake laughing at a joke your partner, it would also bring benefits to you.

2. Improve your mood.
If your mood in a bad situation, or you're feeling angry and upset, then laughter can overcome these problems. It is true, that grief and stress will be the center of attention on yourself, then at times like this you usually tend to avoid laughing because it was too focused on the grief that befell you. However, laughter makes the body produce more happy hormones either. So the laughs will magically make happier mood. Laughter is also able to reduce stress, and can relieve your emotions.
laughing is healthy, the benefits of laughter, smiles benefits, healthy tips with laughs, healthy living tips, health tips
Laugh and be happyImage:
3. Laughter brings serenity
When you do not feel like laughing, but the brain can be ordered up for a laugh. Even when you see and hear things that are ridiculous, but someone forbids you to laugh. You do not obey, the contrary sometimes you lose control of yourself by continuing to laugh out loud. It is proved that humor will get more done and make you feel more calm and comfortable.

4. Laughter can prevent heart attacks
Laughter can also be one of the natural remedy to prevent the diseases. In addition to helping the body to have an immune system better, laughter can also reduce the risk of heart attack. Because studies show that laughing is good exercise for your heart. Laughter makes your heart healthy, active and happy. In addition to reducing stress, laughter can make your blood pressure more smoothly, it can even reduce pain.
laughing is healthy, the benefits of laughter, smiles benefits, healthy tips with laughs, healthy living tips, health tips
Smile is very good for your mood. Image:
5. Laughter is the energy source for the immune system.

Laughter is one of the healthy and easy way to boost your immune system, because laughing makes you happy, and happiness can strengthen the immune system to fight disease.

6. Laughter stimulates organs
If you often laugh, it will have a positive impact for some organs and muscles of the body, because laughter can stimulate these organs. Laughter can stimulate the heart, diaphragm, lungs, and abdominal muscles. This stimulation can improve the function of your organs and muscles.

7. Laughter can improve brain function
Laughter is also able to improve the function of the left brain and your right brain, because it will be stimulated when we 're laughing. Brain stimulation beneficial to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and improve brain function .
laughing is healthy, the benefits of laughter, smiles benefits, healthy tips with laughs, healthy living tips, health tips
Laughter makes you happy. Image:
Bad mood can decrease the concentration of mental powers, pass judgment , and control of emotions. Laughter can improve mood someone who is bad. Laughing makes people more relaxed thus improving mental strength. If you often see many people doing gymnastics on the face , which is to maintain the skin and facial muscles are always tight and so healthy, then laugh or smile is one of the natural ways to do facial gymnastics.

Laughter is a uniquely human activity, so you do not have to maintain your dignity when you see anything funny around you, even watch funny videos is highly recommended so that you can laugh with ease, so that you can get the benefits of laughter, and the positive effects of smiling for your mental and physical health.

The benefits of coffee to prevent Alzheimer's

Specific tips for preventing Alzheimer's disease. 

There are several articles and studies that show that coffee or caffeine can have a positive impact, and coffee can also adversely affect human health. Too much coffee or (caffeine) can cause your bones porous easy, even coffee is also accused can affect heart health. Caffeine will make you more awake, not sleepy, and you feel more refreshed. The question is how many cups of coffee do you drink every day? Are you addicted to coffee?

The best thing you should do is do not drink too much coffee, so you always get the positive benefits of coffee or caffeine for health and happiness.

Caffeine in coffee is different impact on a person and the other person, but as well as the impact of sugar or rice can also affect a person's health, it should always be remembered that any excess, will certainly have a negative impact on our health. If you are a coffee lover or a true coffee connoisseur, then you must always wise, please do not drink too much coffee so you can still drink coffee in your retirement, or when you are older. You know, coffee is the most delicious drink after wine, tea and genuine beer.
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Coffee for health. Image:
We agree that all of God's creation always has two sides, can be good, can be bad for us. You already understand how devastating effect if we consume too much coffee or caffeine. On this occasion, I would like to share information about two of coffee a real positive impact, of course, on human life or health.

From various studies of coffee or caffeine is very useful to prevent skin cancer; caffeine was evidenced also useful for preventing Alzheimer's disease is usually easy to attack the elderly. Once again, to get these benefits, let's enjoy a coffee or derivative products wisely.

There are studies showing that caffeinated coffee may help keep you from Alzheimer's disease. The study in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, four or five cups of caffeinated coffee each day will lead to an increase in memory in Alzheimer patients. Even so, you do not need that much to drink coffee every day - two cups of coffee is very good for you, like a cup in the morning and one cup in the afternoon. If you have an event or meeting, you can drink a cup of coffee for the event, but you can reduce the amount of sugar that your dose is not adversely affected by other diseases such as diabetes. Excessive sugar is certainly not conducive to your health.
healthy tips, Coffee for health, benefit of coffee, coffee to prevent alzheimer's, caffeine to prevent alzheimer's, caffeine for health, black coffee,
Drink coffee wisely. Image:
Gary Arendash, scientists at the Alzheimer's disease Research Center in Florida, showed that caffeine can block beta amyloid production runs and gluten, or sticky protein, which clogs the brain in Alzheimer's patients. They also found a substance called granulocyte colony stimulating factor (GCSF), triggering the production of new axons or main transmission lines of the nervous system and help make nerve. In the present study found coffee with caffeine will increase the production of GCSF.

In that study also demonstrated that a person with Alzheimer's who forgot where the location of his home, but after the Alzheimer regularly drink caffeinated coffee every day, finally have a better memory, as well as people who do not suffer from Alzheimer's.

Arendash also suggest to people who get Alzheimer caffeinated coffee to try four to five cups a day, because with caffeinated coffee that has been examined to trigger the production of new axons in the brain. This will help Alzheimer's sufferers gradually blocking the course of the production of beta amyloid and gluten, and get a normal memory. For healthy people, you do not need to drink more than three cups of coffee a day.

As for your information, a study of caffeinated coffee is still ongoing. However, this study further confirms that the research that coffee has many benefits that have not been exposed. Caffeinated coffee drinkers are less likely to develop Alzheimer 's disease. The content of antioxidants in coffee will prevent cell damage associated with Alzheimer 's disease. While caffeine will inhibit inflammation in the brain.
healthy tips, Coffee for health, benefit of coffee, coffee to prevent alzheimer's, caffeine to prevent alzheimer's, caffeine for health, black coffee,
Drinking coffee in the coffee plantation, Bali. Image:
The best tips: As is the case of a positive impact and negative effects of various foods and beverages that you consume daily, then we must always wise to enjoy any drink or food in our daily menu. Everyone does not want to lose the opportunity to enjoy delicious food at a young age, so let's keep our health by maintaining a near-perfect balance of good food, lifestyle, work, business and our activities. Similarly, in the case of coffee, make sure you drink coffee, but do not go overboard, so that we can enjoy all the positive benefits of caffeine for our lives.

By the way, when are you going to treat me to a cup of coffee or cappuccino at the best coffee plantation in Bali? And we can talking about business or politics that seems more funny and interesting every day.

Special note:

If you want to know more information about coffee, you can read the articles about the history of coffee and a variety of topics relating to the benefits of coffee on a blog titled "Coffee and Beyond".