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Warning about the impact of using a laptop for your health

The creation of laptops has given comfort to the user to work anywhere, either for business purposes, work, have fun, and to support the activities of the students. Problems arise when the user does not find a flat place to put the laptop, for example, difficult to find an empty table in the park, at the airport or train station, so you will put the laptop on your lap. However, Dr. Mercola has warned in an article that using your laptop computer on your lap is, paradoxically, not a safe way to use it. You should avoid the use of a laptop or notebook on your lap.

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Caution: Do not put the laptop on your lap. Image:
Perhaps you've heard that having that laptop on your lap can potentially be hazardous to your health. You need to understand it that working for hours with the laptop perched on your lap could result in discolored patchy skin. 

While you could be enjoying the heat emanating, you could also develop Toasted Skin Syndrome. Meanwhile, a dermatologist, Dr Shreyas Kamath reminded that People who spend prolonged periods of time studying, reading, or playing games on laptops resting on their upper legs could develop this skin syndrome ".

You certainly do not want your smooth skin becomes mottled, there is even likely to endanger the health of your skin in the future, because Drs. Andreas Arnold and Peter Itin from University Hospital Basel did a study that found some evidence that a hot laptop could lead to skin damage that might develop into skin cancer. Although they said that this is very rare, the risk is still real.

A Greekscientific study has demonstrated how frequency electromagnetism fields from cell phones the annual devices and Wi-Fi (used by laptops) important alter protein changes in the brains of animals. Based on the study, then the electromagnetism Frequencies could still be reaching your brain, and are causing other bodily issues as well.
health tips, laptop tips, healthy sperm, healthy skin, skin cancer, healthy man, man fertility
Dangers of Laptops with Wi-Fi connection for men. Image:
A mentions working on a laptop wirelessly may hamper a man's chances of Fatherhood. The title of the article was written that Radiation from Wi-Fi connections can reduce sperm activity in up to a quarter of men.

For men, please be aware this important information; Results of the study that was revealed on the journal Fertility and Sterility mentioned that those exposed to a wireless internet-connected laptop Showed a Decrease in sperm motility significantly and an increase of DNA fragmentation in sperm. Therefore, if the man wants to maintain the health of the sperm and the fertility, you must be prudent when using a laptop. There is other research which also mentions that just 4 hours of using a Wi-Fi connected laptop, a significant decrease in the quality of sperm was observed.

According to researchers at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the hot laptops have been found to increase the temperature of scrotums up to 35 degrees above the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees.

So what should we do? As mentioned above, then you must be prudent when using a laptop. Do not use the laptop for too long. It was also said do not put your laptop on your lap because it is dangerous for the health of your skin, you can even get skin cancer. For men, in addition to do not put your laptop on your lap, then you need to reduce the use of Wi-Fi so that you remain fertile, and your sperm remain fit and healthy, so that you can continue your descent, for the sake of the continuation of generations of your family from one generation to the next .

Special advice: If you have plans to buy a new laptop or notebook, and then consider the specifications of the laptop would you choose, which is related to the heat level laptops for use in a long time.


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