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Effect of coffee on human health

Is coffee good for health?

Do you have a penchant for drinking coffee every day? Not strange if you are a true coffee connoisseur. Drinking a cup of coffee or espresso or cappuccino has now become a way of life at all levels of society, even the number of coffee drinkers among young people is also increasing every day. Coffee industry and coffee farmers of course delighted with this trend. Drinking coffee has become a part of social life for centuries. Is cooffee g

There are many studies showing that the coffee and its derivatives have positive and also negative effects on the human body. If you want to always be able to drink coffee for the rest of your life, then you need to know some aspects of coffee.

We often hear the bad and good effects of coffee on our lives. For fans of the coffee, the coffee can make us ready to go and excited in doing activities, so every morning and afternoon a lot of people drink coffee at work or at home. But coffee is often regarded as the cause of several diseases such as hypertension, stroke, and heart disease.
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Though coffee has no such side effects, but still need further study, coffee can actually reduce the risk of death from stroke and heart disease. There is also a unique study that revealed that the aroma of coffee can stimulate the sex drive of women, so if you are sitting in the cafe there is a chance you will get an attractive date. If so, make sure you choose the best coffee in order not to lose the original aroma of coffee.

According to the results study in Australia, each additional one cup of coffee per day can reduce the threat of diabetes by seven percent. Adversely affect the perception of coffee is commonly related to unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, less sleep, lack of exercise or unhealthy diet such as eat too much fast food (junk food) or energy drink. Please pay attention to the caffeine content of energy drinks that you will buy.

If drinking coffee is an activity that can nourish the body, then how many cups of coffee we should drink every day? Dr. Rob van Dam of the Harvard University experts say that, when we consume coffee and experiencing the side effects of caffeine such as sleep disturbance, chest thumping, and stress, then you have excessive coffee drinking.

There is some research that says that drinking six cups of coffee a day had no effect either by death or other health problems. One cup is here largely a black coffee containing 100 mg caffeine. Please beware; if you enjoy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, its caffeine content can reach 330 mg. Black coffee we consume at home, the caffeine content is usually less than 100 mg per cup. Wow. If so, drinking coffee at home is certainly healthier than in a fancy cafe.
drink coffee, coffee effect, kopi luwak, organic coffee, black coffee, caffeine, health tips, health solution, healthy living
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Please understand the side effect of caffeine is individual. Effects of coffee on everyone are not the same. That said, if you drink coffee in the evening, there will be a sleep disorder. Coffee also contains calories, which can lead to obesity. 

If you're brewing coffee should reduce the use of sugar or you can choose low-calorie sugar. Do not also use creamer, because there are a lot of calories in a creamer. The true coffee connoisseurs usually refuse to add sugar to their coffee.

If you drink coffee at a fast food restaurant then the calorie content is about 500 calories. If you’re caloric requirement of 2000 per day, then 25 percent of caloric needs are fulfilled from a cup of coffee. Organic coffee and Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) is safe for your stomach (gastric) because Kopi Luwak and organic coffee are containing with low acid.

Those six cups of coffee a day with a caffeine content of less than 100 mg per cup and high calorie content are not considered safe and healthy for our bodies. But if the cup has side effects and harm to our health, so avoid drinking coffee. Notice if you feel something bad in your body.

Drinking coffee is so much fun especially when drinking with friends or loved ones, but you must be wise; do not drink too much coffee. Healthy lifestyles in every facet of your life will not be able to stop your predilection for coffee. You are a smart person, and then you know what you should do for your life.

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