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Body Combat is a new tip to build a fit body

Perhaps you feel less fit, whereas you are so busy with work tasks or many targets of your business which has not been achieved. You really need a body which always fit, healthy and ready to perform a variety of activities, both activities work, business, family events and social activities. If you are bored with regular exercise, then you can do the exercise more challenging to support your life.

Do you've never done yoga, karate, martial arts and other sports training? Now you can try Bodycombat. 

Bodycombat (hereinafter abbreviated as BC) is a fitness class that combines aerobics music and martial arts movement. Bodycombat first introduced by Les Mills International in 1999 ago in New Zealand. This powerful sport eventually evolves into other countries as fast as the speed with which you will feel when you practice Bodycombat.

Movement in the body combat comes from a variety of martial arts such as boxing, karate, muay Thai, and taekwondo. Each movement of martial arts disciplines are then put together by the coach of Les Mills. You will see and feel the unique motion on this Bodycombat. Do you want to try it?

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Fantastic bodycombat movement. Image:
Bodycombat is not a combination of the fight in real sense. You do not punch the opponent or punching bag, but punching and kicking in the air. Imagine when warming up is done by a boxer and a 'shadow boxing' and add the loud music pumping your spirit, which is Bodycombat.

Before you do body combat exercise, you have to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Equipment to be prepared for the beginner, you can simply wear a comfortable sports clothes and sports shoes that fit your feet. If you start to want a serious workout, start by buying hand wrap complete equipment, boxing gloves, and boxing shorts. And learn techniques correctly from the beginning, so you will earn benefit of to bodycombat in a short time.

2. Initial things you should know are how to position the guard as a jab cross right shoulder with a twist. For more, you must learn about the hook, upper cut, side kick, round house kick, front kick, back kick, push kick (special thai kick boxing), front knee, body lifts, scissors, cross leg, shoot, ascending and descending elbow, and so on. Follow each exercise carefully and note the condition of your body correctly.
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Bodycombat exercise in Indonesia. Image:
Bodycombat is usually carried out for 60 minutes and if done correctly can burn about 500 calories. Les Mills certified instructors will rotate up to 10 kinds of music and combine it with fists, punches, kicks knees, elbows, leg kicks and combinations. 

You will enjoy every movement bodycombat as a fusion of music and a variety of martial arts movements will excite your mind and body at the same time. It must be very enjoyable if you are doing together with friends or your loved ones.
Some advantages of Bodycombat excercise:

1. Eliminate stress: It's because the Bodycombat has adrenaline-pumping movement that adds to the spirit. Usually in Bodycombat class you will see a series of kicking, punching, and screaming. During the exercise, the thought of the kids at home and work are guaranteed not to disturb you for a full hour.
2. Inspiring and fun: When do Bodycombat, you will feel like a hero who did all martial movements seen in the film. Your confidence will be encouraged. You start practicing hook, jabs, and uppercuts you will ever see in a professional fight and you may have to practice in front of a mirror in the house when no one is looking.

3. Burn calories: high intensity of Bodycombat movement burns calories at a faster rate than most low-intensity exercise. It is a simple equation - burn more calories, eat fewer calories and the weight will drop quickly.

4. This exercise engages the whole body: With so many variations of movement, you'll find all the major muscle groups of the body work. Hope that you will get toned arms, legs balanced, strong and tight stomach. Martial arts experts agree that the strength of the attack comes from a strong core. In fact you may not feel they have muscle pain, despite being miserable at that time.

5. Cardiovascular Exercise: Bodycombat class train aerobic and anaerobic systems of the body, so as to improve the work of the heart and reduce the risk of heart disease, lungs, and muscles. But for those which have certain heart conditions still have to be careful. To be safe, always talk to your Bodycombat instructor prior to class start.

In order not to bore fans of this sport, then every 3 months will open a Les Mills class that teach new movements, and combine it with a new song to the trainers which certified. Then after mastering these movements, the Bodycombat instructor will teach the movement to the fans of this sport worldwide.
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Various of Bodycombat movement. Image:
The Les Mills instructors should go to Bali to study Balinese martial art, Pencak Silat, and Balinese dances such as Kecak very dynamic and various other Balinese dances.

 The traditional music of Bali, namely Balinese Gamelan can also be a new element in the movement of of bodycombat. Are you going on holiday to Bali and experimented with dance artists and coaches Pencak Silat in this paradise island?

Bodycombat can make the body, mind and soul fresh and fit, so you are more flexible when you perform a variety of physical activities and concentration to complete your tasks in a variety of fields. If you are serious, you can also be a coach or instructor of this unique sport, you can even set up a Bodycombat studio in your city, and then you can get your money in preparation for retirement in the future. Thanks to bodycombat you could be healthier, richer even financially and your social life.


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