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Understanding the benefits of coffee for health

People use coffee to start the day or when the employee requires overtime. Not all people think that coffee is a healthful beverage. Though coffee can provide many benefits to the body, with the condition do not drink coffee in excess. Two cups of coffee a day is enough to make you more passionate life and your life is so busy.
Coffee for health, coffee for social life, lowering cancer risk, coffee prevent diabetes
Coffee strengthen the bonds of friendship and social life. Image:

A 13-year study in 402 260 people conducted by the National Cancer Institute showed that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of death by 16 percent. Although drinking too much coffee can increase stress hormones, but coffee also have many benefits for your life.

Coffee is a beverage favored by men and women from various professions, retired, president, singer, business people, and even favored by the unemployed. According to the experience in the history and sociology, coffee can indeed strengthen the bonds of friendship and social life.

Coffee is said that can reduce sleepiness is very easy to find anywhere, even, coffee outlets in various corners of the city, up in the mall, and shop at the campus cafeteria. Coffee is not just processed into beverages and foods, now you can get the benefits of coffee for beauty, medicine, perfume, aroma therapy and so on.

Coffee contains caffeine. According to experts, caffeine works in the body to take over adenosine receptors in nerve cells that will spur the production of adrenal hormones.

Here, we can see some of the unique benefits of coffee for human health:

Coffee contains antioxidants
Edward Giovannucci, a Harvard research shows that coffee has much more antioxidants than most vegetables and fruits. In fact, coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in American diets.

Lowering the risk of Parkinson's disease
Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000 found that the consumption of caffeine in coffee may reduce risk of Parkinson's disease. Research in 2010 also showed that drinking two to three cups of coffee per day can lower the risk of Parkinson's by 25 percent taxable.

Improving metabolism.
Coffee is likely to help you maintain or even lose weight. A study conducted in 2006 showed that coffee can boost your metabolism, especially in women. Green coffee beans are also known to be beneficial for weight loss.
drink coffee, healthy coffee, organic coffee, Kopi luwak, coffee for healthy life, coffee aroma
Drink coffee with wise, not too much. Image:

Lowering the risk of cancer
Coffee consumption is known to be associated with a reduced risk of liver cancer, breast, prostate, and diseases related to obesity, estrogen and insulin. A 2008 study in Sweden found that drinking two or three cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk or prevent breast cancer.

 Prevent kidney stones
Researchers at Harvard found that women who consumed four cups of coffee a day to avoid kidney stone disease 25 percent lower. Studies that have been done earlier also showed similar results.

Preventing depression.
According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2011 showed that women who drank two to three cups of coffee per day had a 15 percent lower risk of getting depressed. While women who drank four cups of coffee per day had a 20 percent risk of depression is lower.

Sharpen memory.
Coffee could help improve long-and short-term memory. In a 2005 study conducted by the Radiological Society of North America, researchers found that consuming two caffeinated coffees can boost a person's memory and reaction speed.

Interestingly, research in 2007 found that women aged 65 years and over and drank about three cups of coffee a day have better memory and does not show memory deficits compared to women who drank one cup of coffee every day. Unfortunately this is not true for men.

Lowering the risk of diabetes
The study found that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing type #2 diabetes. People who drink four cups of coffee a day had a risk of type 2 diabetes 50 percent lower. It is known through the study published in the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry, published in early January 2012.

Prevent gout
Research in 2007 showed that men over the age of 40 years to avoid gout with frequent consumption of coffee. Gout can occur when there is inflammation caused by high levels of uric acid crystallizes in the joints or fingers. Diligent people who drink six cups of coffee a day had a 60 percent risk of gout lower.
coffee for health, coffee for performance, coffee for love, coffee aroma, kopi luwak, organic coffee
Coffee for love and health. Image:
Improving performance
Coffee and caffeine contained in it are known to increase performance and endurance while working. A 2008 study showed that consuming caffeine before exercise can increase activity and exercise duration. 

Coffee is also believed to increase the libido of men, even the smell of coffee can make women excited to make love. If you want to get the beautiful date, make sure you bring your girlfriend to a cafe that serves coffee with a strong aroma.

Although coffee has many benefits, there were a small percentage of people avoid coffee, because there are health problems or because they do not like the smell of coffee. To get the benefits of coffee, we should not consume too much coffee. Two cups of coffee or a maximum of 3 cups is enough for you to start a life in the morning, drinking coffee after lunch and drink coffee in the afternoon while relaxing with friends or people you love.

Special advice: If you are allergic to pure coffee, then you can still feel the pleasure of a cup of coffee with decaffeinated coffee. Now there is good information for you, it turns out the coffee grown and nurtured organically maintained or will be very beneficial for your health, and even some unique coffee, which is Kopi Luwak.

If you want to get information about Kopi Luwak or organic coffee, even coffee history, facts and myths about coffee, you can visit the blog titled "Coffeeand Beyond".


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