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The causes of diabetes and how to prevent it

Diabetes is the most dangerous disease to 4 in the world, in addition to HIV / Aids, Heart, and tuberculosis. Diabetes or diabetes is a disease which is caused by disturbances in the metabolism of the body, where the organ pancreas unable to produce the hormone insulin that the body needs. High levels of sugar in the blood, hence the lack of benefits for your body sugar as an energy source.
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Diabetes affects many women (not the men might not), especially men, because of the lack of attention to the food. But now is also a lot of people who are still teenagers are suffering from this disease. Therefore, those of us who have families affected by diabetes to immediately be aware of this disease early on (hereditary disease such as children and grandchildren) to avoid old age after old will experience the harmful effects of diabetes disease.
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In general, symptoms of diabetes include the following:

1. Frequent urination (In every hour)
2. Always feel thirsty (Though just drink)
3. Always feeling hungry (And just ate a few minutes ago)

Experts say that the disease is caused by various factors such as the following:

1. Heredity factors
2. Influenced by high sugared foods.
3. Lack of physical activity.
4. Obesity
5. Stress
6. Lack of good sleep.
7. Snacking habits.
8. Bad Lifestyle
9. Smoking habit
10. Due to frequent tensions.

How to prevent diabetes:
1. Have to do more physical activity (sports, walking, etc.) it can burn excess sugar and bad fats that exist in our bodies
2. Get more fibers in foods (for example vegetables and fruit).
3. Eat legumes and whole grains (eg beans, green beans, red beans, etc.)
4. Lose weight (follow a healthy and natural diet program)
5. Expand to drink low-fat milk (now widely sold low-fat milk)
6. Reduce consumption / eating animal fats (eggs, meat) are excessive.
7. Reduce consumption of sugar (for example rice and drinks containing sugar which there are many).
8. Quit smoking.
9. Stop the habit of staying up late (for the sake of your health and future).
10. Get support from your relatives, (who always reminds you to stay and keep living a healthy life).
11. Consult with your doctor. 
Healthy habits, prevent diabetes, exercise
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Hereditary factors and unhealthy eating patterns are often accused of being the cause of diabetes. If you find these factors and feel within yourself and your family, then you can break the problem so that you and your descendants can avoid this deadly disease diabetes. Diabetes can make people very miserable and not able to enjoy life in comfort. That's why you start the day with a healthy breakfast, more exercise, such as brisk walking, yoga and other light exercise. Bad lifestyle such as smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided.

Life is too beautiful if you have diabetes, it is unfortunate you plainly suffer, then let's start living a healthy lifestyle and healthy activity that is more enjoyable life.


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