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Secret of longevity

Secret of longevity is an active lifestyle

Do you prefer to sit in front of the television rather than actively meeting your old friends in a coffee shop or hangout and enjoy light food in a small restaurant? Live a more active, more adventurous, and met a lot of people are known to be the key to longevity. People who live more active and extrovert tend to live longer, up to age 90 years, says a study. Active light exercise such as brisk walking or riding a bike in the afternoon is a positive active force for your health.
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Professor Robert Moyzis from the University of California said that, one of the causes of longevity is an active lifestyle. It is known through observations in the group of people in Laguna Woods, part of the Leisure World Cohort Study, which began in 1981. Most of them have aged 90 years, even more, in 2003. This is an interesting and remarkable fact.

Although most of these people have passed away, but the genes and cells lining them are still alive and preserved to be used in a research laboratory. In this study, the gene samples of 310 people aged 90 years and above are checked. Researchers find gene variant called DRD4 7R allele, as reported by the Times of India on January 11, 2013.
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This gene is considered related to longevity and found in nearly 66 percent of people aged 90 years and over, compared with people aged 45 years. The discovery of a gene variant that could be a key to long life is to inspire people to become more active in life as we age.

Please you consider these facts:

Advances in technology does facilitate many activities can be done easily and quickly. It turns advanced technology led to an active lifestyle is slowly abandoned. Though already naturally we had to move, not stay still. If you are not moving, like walking farther, light exercise, lack of physical activity and your body will be tired and not fit. In fact, a fit body can prevent a variety of diseases with very effectively. If your body shape, then you will be healthy and fresh, so you can use your money for other needs are more important and enjoyable than throwing money to the cost of hospital care.
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Lifestyle with many carbohydrate foods, beverages and more sugar cookies that will make your body tired, even you can develop a critical illness such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer and so on. Of course you are not happy with the symptoms of critical illness that may occur sooner or later in the future.

Adequate nutrition food fusion with an active lifestyle supposed to become your lifestyles from today. Interesting suggestions for you to try is vacation with family and friends to various places of interest such as snorkeling in Bali. Little adventure to the mountains, sea and other cities is a simple way to enjoy healthy lifestyles. Take time to enjoy organic food, fruit juices, and food supplements that you consult with a nutritionist or your physician.

As already disclosed above, the sports and physical activity will make you more fit, so your chances of a long life can be guaranteed. Let's get active and enjoy life more wisely.

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