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Benefits of water for our health

If you are thirsty, you may drink soft drinks, beer, fruit juices, cold cappuccino and so forth, but in general people prefer water. They will buy a bottle of mineral water, or drinking from the tap and drink water that has been treated with water purification machines.

Water not only serves to quench our thirst. However, water is a "drug" is very effective for:
- Maintain a healthy body
- Clearing the mind, and
- Maintain balance in your body's tissues.

Did you know, most of the body consists of water and each cell consists mostly of water? 70% of your body consists of water. Water is used constantly in the process of life. Therefore, you must always fill your inventory.

As a result if you are short of water:
If you are short of water, the cells will begin to draw water from the bloodstream. As a result, the blood thickens, so the heart must work harder to pump blood, and the body will begin to direct blood away from less vital areas. Dehydration may have occurred before you feel thirsty. It is a burden for the body because it will interfere with the function of the kidneys in clearing the blood and helps the body to release toxic. In addition, water also increases metabolism and stimulates bowel function.

"Water is detrimental to health and should not be in drinking”
Under certain conditions, the following five types of water can be a nitrites and other substances that are toxic and destructive, can cause certain damage to the human body
Air obsolete: or known (dead air), means water that has been stored a long time and is not in use (drinking). If you frequently consume such water, can cause cellular metabolism of children who have grown sluggish, consequently affecting the body growth, aging in middle-aged men will increase rapidly, the ratio of the occurrence of gastric cancer and esophageal cancer in a large number of areas continues to increase, this may be associated with frequent consumption of water obsolete. Toxic substances in water obsolescence will continue to expand and grow along with the storage of water.

Long-boiling water:
Old boiling water is water that has been boiling all night long or at the stove. Water so, because cooked too long, so the substances mixed in water such as calcium, magnesium or other heavy metal content and nitrite are very high. If you drink water like this in the long run, may interfere with the function of the stomach and intestines, while diarrhea, flatulence, toxic nitrite can result in the organism oxygen deficiency, if severe can fainting and seizures, and even death.

The water from the pot steamed:
The definition of a pan of water vapor is water or residual water steaming, steamed pot of water that is used repeatedly, nitrate is very high density. If you frequently consume such water, or cooking porridge with water thus, can cause nitrite poisoning, the crust often follow the water to seep into the body, can cause pathological changes in the digestive system, nervous, urinary and blood-making, and even lead to premature aging.

The water that is not boiled:
Tap water that we consume, all through the process of chlorine, In water that is processed chlorine can separate 13 types of harmful substances, including halogen hydrocarbons, chloroform cause cancer and the effect of defects. When the water temperature reaches 90 ° C, halogen hydrocarbon levels were initially 53 mg / kg was increased to 177 mg, 2 times higher than the national drinking water health standards set. Relevant experts said, that the chances of contracting bladder cancer and colon cancer by eating water shaft that has not been cooked up 21-38%. When the water temperature reaches 100 ° C, two substances that damage is greatly reduced due to evaporation, and safe to eat if it is boiled again for 3 minutes.

The water boiled over:

No one used to drink water from the back of cooked water remaining in the flask, the goal is to save water, save coal (gas) and time. But "saving" is not feasible. Because the water is cooked then boiled again, making the water evaporate again, thus the nitrate will increase, and if such water is often consumed nitrite accumulation will occur in the body. (Source: Secret China)
Examples of how the water in curing the disease:

1. Headache
Have you ever felt a headache after working a full day? Based on scientific evidence, these headaches can be caused by your lack of water. 75% of your brain is made up of water. When the brain detects a shortage of water, then the brain will produce Histamine that can cause’s pain and fatigue. The aim is to slow down our activities. That way, the minimum water supply can keep the brain working properly. Try it; often a large glass of water mixed with a break of 20 minutes is much more effective than painkillers.

2. Hypertension
Water is also useful in treating hypertension. According to medical science, hypertension often occurs when the body detects a reduction in blood volume. Because more than 83% of blood consists of water, the most common causes of decreased blood volume are dehydration.
As a reaction to decreased blood volume, your body will direct the majority of blood flow to the organs of the active and close off the blood supply to an area that is less important. Adjustment of this body will cause hypertension throughout the circulatory system.

3. Backache
Water also helps to overcome back pain. The discs in our backs outer shell is made of a flexible joint tissue filled with fluid pockets. Most of this fluid is water. During these pockets full, then they will continue to support the outer shell correctly. That way, it will help absorb the weight of the upper body. When moving, the pressure pulled and released on disc depending on the type of movement. This movement raises suction power allowing fluid into the disc. That way, the fluid level on the disc will remain intact. If the levels of fluids, especially water, in the lower body, the disc will also be a lack of water. As a result, most of our body weight is moved to the outer shell. You may have felt the consequences in your back or neck such as pain and swelling.

The characteristics of the ideal clean water:
Consuming clean water purified in a proper way will also help purify your body. Water will make the colon more effective by forming new fresh blood. If the colon cleansed, nutrition
Put food several times a day will be absorbed. Then, the folds of mucous will turn it into fresh blood. Blood is very important in curing disease and restoring health. Therefore, it is better to drink "Healthy Water" on a fairly regular basis.

The question is, whether the water you drink is healthy water? Look for healthy drinking water for your future. You can use a water purifier that you install in your home. Make sure you choose a water purifier that has been certified by the health department, so you can enjoy clean and healthy water.


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