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Simple Tips for a healthy life without drugs and doctors

Do you want to live a healthy life without depending on drugs and doctors? Many people and health experts are definitely advise you to do positive things like: sports, maintain a diet, avoid stress. A positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle will make you more happy and long life. All the advice is true.

Please see some tips that you can make as a personal guide and your family:

Intentions and assertiveness
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How strong your determination to achieve health in life? If you only half your intention, then you get the benefits will be minimal. Begin with a strong intention and firmness in you, that you want to live healthy and fresh.

Good eating frequency
Do not rely on the mood to eat. Diet should be regular, and so continue to keep. If you intend to eat 3 times a day, then it should be undertaken on an ongoing basis. Remember to start your day with good breakfast.  Eat in the morning because it is important to support the day's activities.

Snacking the healthy way
Good snacks are fruit or healthy snacks. Do not get used to snacking while working because it will only ruin digestion. Avoid fatty foods and fizzy drinks with high sugar dose. You must already know the harmful effects of high-fat foods and drinks with high sugar content.

Chew food well
Do not rush to eat, chew food until smooth. The digestive system will work hard when you chew the food was still rough, and it can speed up your digestive problems. You do not need to rush when you're enjoying the food at home or in a cafe.
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Do not subtract the vitamins, minerals and protein
If you're on a diet by reducing the quantity of food, keep adding nutritional content. There are many healthy foods that are rich in nutrients for your use as an alternative to your meals. Look for natural dietary supplements in the pharmacy that you can trust.

Bed early
Adults need about 6-8 hours of sleep a day. Enough sleep will make all the rest the body organs, to be ready to go back to work tomorrow. Always treat your body with emphasis on adequate sleep. Reduce late nights when there are no important event or a job that requires you to work overtime. Do not be late every night because it is dangerous for your health and life rhythm.

Exercise regularly and measured 

Least once a week you need to spend exercising body. Morning walk, jog leisurely, gymnastics, swimming, or any activity that nourish the body and can be of great benefit regularly. If you have scheduled exercise, then you must comply with your schedule. In order not to get bored, every now and then you need to exercise along with your friends, such as swimming in Sanur beach, enjoy yoga class in Ubud or diving in Tulamben, Bali.  Jogging and enjoy holiday and little adventure also great idea to maintain your body and you’re mental.

Avoid stress
Stress that you experience can directly affect the health, even if you eat a nutritious diet and regular exercise. For that, set your emotions to not save the stress. Listen to soothing music is one way. Pay credit card on time, you will be protected from interference collector debt. Disturbance of debt collectors also have an important role to make your stress.
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Jogging in the rice fields of Bali . Image:
Monitor your weight regularly
How big the progress of your healthy body is can be done by weighing. Do it on a regular basis to monitor your exercise benefits that can certainly control your weight. To compensate your diet, then you need to light exercise such as jogging or brisk walking.

Important suggestions:
Never force the body to lose weight quickly. If you push the target in your diet, then it is not healthy but you get the opposite. Target the right weight loss is 0.5 to 1 kg / week. You have to remain calm without imposing yourself and your mind when it does not reach that figure.

Live happily, enjoying life in a simple way. Smiling and laughing also are 'cure' elixir to maintain your health. Avoid creating problems with family, friends and your community, and never commit an unlawful act. Healthy life is a combination of the balance between inner happiness, mental and physical.


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  2. How to make one's healthy life: 1. Thanks to God (who creates you) everyday that you can live in the earth before sleeping & after woke up; 2. Keep your heart good for you and others, then you'll have a good mind and good health of your body; 3. Make at least one a good thing in one day for you and/ or others (i.e. take out a nail on the street when you see it); 4. Say it diamond or silence is gold; 5. study and/or work and/or make a date whats make you enjoy and benefit for the world; 6. Eat a good food that make your body healthy now and tomorrow; 7. Say thank you to God before and after studying and/or working and/or eating, and/or dating. However, take it easy. Just do it that make you enjoy and good for others now and may be for tomorrow, because past is just history and tomorrow is a dream. But even tomorrow just a dream, please hoping the best and preparing the worst. Good luck and see you some day.