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Regular exercise makes you healthier and smarter

Regular exercise makes you healthier and more intelligent. Let's exercise now.

Do you feel less intelligent? If you want to be smart and clever, then you need to exercise regularly. Recent research conducted at the University of Texas, USA, said that the exercise 30 minutes per day can make you smarter. Is this true? Clearly, exercise definitely makes your body more refreshed, so you can think more sharp and clear.

The research was conducted by collecting data from 1,100 students about exercise routines and their college grades. The results showed that students who scored a 30-minute exercise routine during the 3:52 time a week. While most of students with a grade of C, D or F only exercise for 30 minutes at around 2.81 times a week. Wow.

Do exercise that you enjoy such as jogging, swimming, surfing, gymnastics, yoga, badminton, soccer, and so on. If you are busy, then you can join a fitness club.
Here are 5 smart given the effects of regular exercise, as reported by the Times of India, May 25, 2013:
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Jogging is good for healthImage:
1. Improve energy
Most of the people think that moving or exercising too much can make you tired and dizzy. In fact, the more moves, the more energy you feel.

Routine activities increase muscle strength and increase your endurance. This increase gives the brain energy to think more clearly. Moving for 15 minutes will make your body produce more energy, even at the cellular level.

2. Sharpen the focus
An author, Dr. John Ratey, says that exercise increases brain works in the short term by increasing the focus. For example, if you are going to do a presentation at work or have to make a speech, try to light 1 hour before exercise. It is believed that it will be a major influence on your appearance.

In the long run, this effect may also help fight aging or Alzheimer's brain. Increases brain blood flow smoothly focus if, this occurs when the exercise, where the heart will pump more blood.

3. Improves mood
Sport is also known to trigger endorphins, which improves brain function. So, after a workout, your ability to select the priority will increase. This allows you to concentrate more.

4. Improve Your Memory
In experiments published in a journal, the students were asked to memorize a series of letters and then be given the option to run, lift weights, or sit still. Answer students who chose to run or lift weights more accurate than the students who chose to sit still after memorizing.
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Surfing in Bali. Image:
5. Improve productivity
Workers, who occasionally find time to exercise in between working hours, tend to contribute more than workers who do not. They are also more productive in the workplace.

 Althea Shah, one of the fitness experts says that regular exercise can improve your mood. It works as an anti-depressant and helps elevate mood. Moreover, this activity also helps you concentrate on things that do every day. Exercise can make you smarter and more confident. Y

Exercise is needed by anyone, you should take the time to exercise so that you are healthier, smarter and more efficiently undergo daily activities. You will be more successful and happier.

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