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Meditation and Yoga for a better life

Meditation in Bali.
Why do people meditate? Humans do not always feel happy or healthy body and soul. Even though a person already has a lot of money, successful and famous, it does not make someone feel as a whole human being. Many things you can do to live happy, for example around the world, buying luxury goods and so on, but there is a more prudent way to live happily in the mind, body and soul as did the man in the days of ancient India. They combine fitness by doing yoga and meditation.

Yoga from Sanskrit means "union", which means "union with nature" or "unification with the Creator". Yoga focuses on meditation or asceticism activity in which a person focuses the entire mind to control the senses and the body as a whole. The global community is generally familiar with Yoga as its main training activity asanas (postures) parts of Hatta Yoga.

Yoga is also used as an alternative treatment, usually this is done by breathing exercises, by the body and meditation, which has been known and practiced for over 5000 years.

Meditation is the practice of relaxation that involves emptying your mind of all things interesting, overburden, or worry in our lives everyday literal meaning of meditation is an activity chew or flick through the mind, thinking, pondering. Meaning definition, meditation is a structured mental activity, carried out over a certain period, to analyze, draw conclusions, and take further steps to address, determine the action or settlement of a personal matter, life, and behavior.

In other words, meditation releases us from the suffering of good and bad thoughts are very subjective in proportion relate directly to our attachment to certain thoughts and judgments. We begin to understand that life is a series of thoughts, judgments, and release endless subjective intuitively begin our release.

In a state of mind that is free from the activity of thinking, it turns out people do not die, nor fainting, and remain conscious. The best teacher for meditation is the experience. There are no teachers, seminars, or books that can teach meditation exactly how should we do live meditate. Each person can freely provide their own values ​​about the meaning of meditation for life. Therefore, only by practicing meditation in life, people can feel the benefits of a meditation journey.  

There are many meanings of meditation, among which are:

1. Meditation is a way to enter the consciousness of the soul.2. Meditation is the path to self-introspection.3. Meditation is a way to communicate with the creator.4. Meditation is a way to change your life.5. Meditation is a way to achieve inner peace.
Meditation is often interpreted wrongly, considered similar to daydreaming, so meditation is considered a waste of time and of no use. Meditation is a conscious action precisely because people who meditate know and understand what he was doing. You can feel the benefits of meditation physically that we can do directly or indirectly. One such benefit is the healing that we get, if we are suffering a particular illness.

From the physiological point of view, meditation is an anti-stress the most good. When you experience stress, heart rate and blood pressure increases, breathing becomes rapid and short, and the glands adrenalin pumping stress hormones. During your meditation, your heart rate slows, blood pressure became normal, and breathing becomes calm and decreased levels of stress hormones. During meditation, over time you can listen to your heartbeat, even further you can coordinate with the rhythm of the heartbeat rhythm of the breath turnover. In the past testimonials about the benefits of meditation come only from people who practice meditation, current science objectively demonstrates the benefits of meditation.

Research over the clergy by the University of Wisconsin showed that the practice of meditation trains the brain to produce more gamma waves, are generated when people are happy. From the research revealed that meditation and other relaxation useful way to cope with impaired renal function by increasing the production of melatonin and serotonin as well as lower hormone stresscortisol. Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist from Harvard University, was the first to confidently combine the benefits of meditation with western-style medicine. Scientifically, he explains the benefits of meditation that has been practiced by people for centuries.

Benefits of meditation:

* If you regularly do meditation, body organs and cells of the body will experience good condition and working more regularly.* Ability to manage and control other people and forgive.* Ability to understand others and forgive him.* Always persevere in the good life, as the bearer of blessing for others.* Able to accept the joys and sorrows, difficulties, and the good life with good.

Let's go to Bali for Yoga and Meditation.

Source of the article: Kundalini Yoga


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