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Healthy Living with technology

Modern man is hard to escape from technological progress. Various features and sophistication of electronic equipment, gadgets, digital cameras, laptops, smart phone, and that is now endemic, tablet PCs, media players and other advanced devices have become a way of life. Every minute of adults, children, teenagers, employees, housewives, politicians and various other professions including the unemployed and celebrities would often update the status on the BlackBerry, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Activity modern people with gadgets and other tech gadgets are not only facilitate their daily activities, but also can harm the body, mind, psyche and their health either whole or in part. Advanced technology makes all activities more quickly, practically, so that modern humans can be more productive, but the human attachment to technology resulted in a lack of interaction between people, and especially the lack of physical activity such as exercise.

As a result of excessive use of technology can lead to health problems such as:

1. Strain injury caused by typing.
     Strain injuries are not only suffered by the athletes, you can have this problem, for example if you use too many keyboards can also be affected. Using fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders over and over can cause damage that is not able to be repaired by the body. Even if you are very busy, please you take a break once in a while when your body feels tired or if one of your bodies feels less comfortable. My advice, you should do some stretching exercises such as walking, doing simple meditation for a few minutes while you inhale and exhale. Prove it, you will feel better.

2. Difficult to focus and concentrate
     If the person addicted to the use of gadgets, can sometimes make you bored, bored, restless and difficult to control anger, especially when separated from the gadget. Strangely, it seems more stable emotions while playing with the gadget. If you experience this, it is not good for the development of the soul; especially you will find it difficult to interact with the real world.

3. Sleep disorders.
     Excessive use of gadgets it caused a lot of people cannot control sleep. It is known from the results of a survey in the United States conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. The survey said that 95 percent of respondents always pass the time by watching television, playing games and using smart phones before bed. The light from the screen was able to invade the eye and cause the will to not sleep. Within a reasonable period of time gadgets activities with bedtime is likely to cause sleep disorders.

4. Nausea caused by playing games and 3D movies
     Watching 3D film does give an incredible sensation of the human eye as though because we are involved in every scene of the movie, as well as excellent 3D gaming and other great games. Apparently according to research Optometrist Association was never released in the United States have discovered the occurrence of health problems due to enjoy 3D movies in a very long time or repeatedly, especially now that you can watch movies or 3D games on the LCD screen or LED. It was found that a quarter of a 3D user experience eye disorders, blurred vision, headache, dizziness, nausea and even after watching 3D images. Beware; do not often play games and 3D movies.

 5. Hearing problem.
     Listening to music with earphones are very nice, but for over 30 years since I first discovered earphones, has emerged concerns about hearing damage when using earphones too often.
France is a country that forbids companies to manufacture earphones gadgets that produce noise exceeds a certain level.

The technology is becoming more sophisticated, certainly very fun, but do not use it too long and redundant. 

Let's use a gadget or technology wisely. Love yourself more than ever before, so that you will be healthier and happier.


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